Clinicube And Scoliosis Systems Announce Partnership To Improve Americans’ Health

- June 26, 2020

The medical co-working facility, Clinicube, has partnered with Scoliosis Systems, the non-surgical Scoliosis treatment, to improve the quality and accessibility of U.S healthcare. Clinicube, the co-working medical facility and practice accelerator, today announces its partnership with Scoliosis Systems LLP, the advanced non-surgical program for treating adolescents and adults with scoliosis. With this alliance, both companies reaffirm their mission to provide Americans with better, more accessible health services. The partnership is intended to help Clinicube develop the medical co-working space nationally, which will ultimately lead to more comprehensive and affordable healthcare solutions for all.

The medical co-working concept has already been shown to have immense potential in providing accessible and cost-effective healthcare. By partnering with Scoliosis Systems, a leader in non-surgical scoliosis treatment, Clinicube is poised to take this innovative healthcare model to the next level.

Dr. Marc Lamantia, founder of Scoliosis Systems, stated, “This partnership presents an opportunity for us to bring our proven, non-surgical treatment methods to a broader audience. Together with Clinicube, we aim to democratize access to specialized scoliosis care, giving more Americans the opportunity to live pain-free lives.”

The new partnership promises significant improvements in the delivery of healthcare services across the country. The integration of Clinicube’s sophisticated practice accelerator platform with the unique non-surgical scoliosis treatments offered by Scoliosis Systems is expected to lead to more streamlined patient experiences and improved treatment outcomes.

Nicholas Lettire, founder and CEO of Clinicube, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “This collaboration presents a unique opportunity to revolutionize the healthcare industry by merging a cutting-edge, co-working model with advanced non-surgical solutions. It allows us to offer more Americans the kind of quality, accessible healthcare services they need and deserve.”

Additionally, this alliance will also stimulate the expansion of the medical co-working space nationally, establishing more locations where patients can access world-class healthcare in a convenient, welcoming environment. It offers hope for many Americans, especially those living in under-served areas where specialized treatment options like Scoliosis Systems are often inaccessible.

The integration of these services, the sharing of knowledge and resources, and the commitment to innovate, are poised to create a profound impact on the healthcare landscape in the U.S. The Clinicube and Scoliosis Systems partnership represents an important stride in the continuous quest to improve American healthcare, signaling a future where quality care is affordable and within everyone’s reach.