New York Startup Becomes Largest Handwritten Note Operation After Teaming Up With Memorabilia Company

- July 26, 2023

A New York startup has become the leader for personalized business communication after teaming up with a memorabilia company.

Bond, the leading provider in handwritten note services for companies of all sizes, has entered a partnership with Minneapolis-based Jostens, who sell a number of school-related products – including yearbooks and jewelery.

The two are hoping to transform the way we communicate with each other.

Bond uses its technology to deliver personalized, handwritten notes – adding a unique touch to the message.

All one needs to do is type their messages online, as they would an email, and the company sorts out the rest, dropping beautifully written letters into the hands of your colleagues, relatives, or loved-ones. Their notes start from $5.00.

Manufacturing giant Jostens sells a number of school-related products – including yearbooks and jewelery.

The trusted academic and achievement channel will be a perfect match for Bond, as the two will bang their heads together to mix Bond’s innovative technology with Jostens’ manufacturing scale.

Julie Noyce, general manager of Bond, said: “My first trip to the Jostens facility was one of the most interesting tours I’ve ever taken in my life – their printing machinery, ability to process millions of unique items through the facility, and the sheer scale of all of it is incredible.”

The director of publications at Jostens, Paul Knox, said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with Bond.

“As a business that has traditional offset and digital print capabilities it is amazing to see Bond’s state of the art technology used to create unique handwritten notes.

“This partnership is truly a cooperative effort. Working with Julie and her team to transition the robots and processes to our production facility was a pleasure and I am pleased to say everything went smoothly and we had a very successful 4th quarter production season.

“This transition also allowed us to offer some of our seasonal yearbook workforce full time positions which is truly a win for us. The partnership has been great and we look forward to future growth.”

It will be exciting to see just how far this New York start up grows – and how it will change the way businesses communicate and message each other.