Emmy, a recently launched startup, provides trusted individuals to accompany New York City residents door-to-door, simply and safely.

When two different friends called emmy founder and CEO Shahara Ahmad-Llewellyn in 2011 and asked her to assist them getting home after a procedure, she had to decline – and she felt terrible.

Ms Ahmad-Llewellyn is a serial entrepreneur that has always been passionate about making sure people feel comfortable and safe. In 1974, she pioneered in the creation of home care in New York City.

Emmy founder and CEO Shahara Ahmad-Llewellyn

Later in 2011, something similar happened. One of Shahara’s relatives experienced a lot of stress getting to the New York airport due to a back injury. It made her wonder how often things like this happen. Situations  “when you need someone there at the moment but there is nobody”. She reckoned it must be New York’s daily bread.

This was when the first seeds of Emmy were planted.

In 2015  she decided to offer a solution to these sort of difficult situations, when people got stuck. She got in contact with Nick Farina and Ting Guo Soon, and emmy was born.

Emmy’s goal is to help people who, for whatever reason, can’t or don’t want to go alone a way.

The online platform provides these people with an emmy, a person that offers door-to-door services.

Their emmy will accompany you by foot, on public transportation or in a vehicle. Users maintain their independence and privacy.

The reason to use emmy depends on person to person. Where one person uses the service to get back from the airport after a surgery because of privacy matters, another one with a busy work schedule is relieved someone reliable is taking care of her mum who needs a lot of medical assistance and needs regular. Nevertheless, an emmy is not a driver nor a carrier of things, says the platform.

Often emmies assist people to get to, or return from, a medical appointment comfortably and safely.

An emmie is easily booked through the online platform. People can trust and rely upon the service as all of the emmies are interviewed, screened and selected carefully before they are allowed onto the platform.

Since its launch in September, Emmy has partnered with leading healthcare providers in NYC to ensure their patients have a trusted individual to accompany them home after ambulatory procedures.

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