The importance of making relationships the priority in any business

As it stands today, the world is less brand loyal than ever. Top companies that once dominated the market, who boasted products bought by customers with blind faith in the brand, are struggling. However,  just because consumer loyalty is dying doesn’t mean that all transactional relationships are going to perish. In fact, in today’s modern world positive relationships between businesses are more important than ever. More specifically, a business that maintains a positive relationship with a client is more likely to…

New York City Startups Making Waves on Instagram

It’s no secret that New York City has quickly turned into a hotbed of innovation. More and more tech companies are opting to set up shop in NYC, over a crowded and competitive Silicon Valley. Some of these startups have built the most incredible online brands in such a short period of time, but how have they achieved this? Well, one thing that a lot of these successful startups have in common is that they’ve turned to Instagram as the…