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Insolar, the world’s fastest enterprise blockchain platform, embarks on breakthrough research with leading universities

Enterprise blockchain platform Insolar announces new breakthrough research initiatives with ETH Zurich and York University to bring some of the blockchain’s most promising industrial use cases to fruition. These partnerships will be executed by Insolar Research, a subsidiary supergroup of 10 renowned blockchain and cryptocurrency/distributed technology experts across North America, Europe, and Asia. Insolar is building an open source, enterprise-grade blockchain platform that uses distributed trust to enable seamless interactions between companies and unlock new growth opportunities. Insolar’s 4th generation…

Open source, enterprise-focused blockchain platform Insolar brings trust to enterprise

An all-star team of serial entrepreneurs, blockchain engineers, and leading academic scholars is pleased to announce Insolar, an open source, enterprise-focused blockchain platform and ecosystem that helps companies rapidly and affordably deploy distributed business networks. Insolar’s 4th generation, blockchain-based cloud architecture is made to solve urgent real-world business needs. With it, Insolar is poised to bring the promises of blockchain cost cutting, revenue generation, and business model transformation to life. Insolar’s announcement comes at a pressing moment when businesses are…