The theater ticket sales industry on New York City Broadway is already a place with some well-established players. But Broadway Roulette, which was founded in 2016 by former entertainment journalist Elizabeth Durand Streisand, has been shaking up the scene since 2016.

A recent $2 million seed funding round shows that investors have taken a liking to the startup, which revolves around the idea that users should be able to more easily navigate Broadway showtimes and ticket deals.

For those living in or planning to visit New York City, Broadway Roulette makes inexpensive tickets available up to 90 days in advance. Users are then able to mark off certain shows they absolutely would not want to see while keeping in play a few that they would like. Then on the day of the showing, users get a surprise as to which show they are going to, hence the roulette flavor.

“On the morning of your selected day, you receive a text and email telling you what show you’ve won and all necessary details,” Durand recently told AMNY. “Our customers get a great deal without the pain points (lines, lotteries, hunting for discounts) usually involved — but more than that, they really enjoy the element of surprise.”

Broadway Roulette is part of the Morgan Stanley’s Multicultural Innovation Lab and has received a strong platform to start from with the accelerator.

Durand has said she plans on launching another aspect to the app that lets theater-goers get into the next big shows before they hit the big-time and while they are still off-Broadway.

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