Basic dental care does not come cheap or easy to arrange, especially when you live in New York.

Well it looks like that is about to change.

The word is out that there is a new startup in New York which allows dental hygienists to freelance and schedule basic care such as cleaning and flossing in their off hours.

The name of the startup is Floss Bar and its founder is Eva Sadej, a former hedge fund analyst for Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates where she worked four four years. Eventually she decided to leave last year in favor of starting Floss Bar.

According to Sadej, her solution to the problem is win-win for everyone considering that people can get more accessible basic dental care at more affordable prices, it gives hygienists extra work while providing an additional revenue stream for dentists.

“We work in the odd hours when the dentist isn’t there or is just on call. I’m able to give customers a good deal because it’s times when the office wouldn’t be making money anyway” she said.

Part of Floss Bar’s vision is to give more freedom and power to the customers. It gives them the freedom to choose whether they want to see a dentist or simply come for the preventive care.

“Patients set their own boundaries, they choose their level of comfort. We’re efficient. Our customers don’t have to leave work and spend three hours getting basic dental care” Sadej added.

Sadej already achieved agreements with three dental practices and already set her sights on expanding. Her goal is to have agreements with a thousand dental offices all over the US within five years.

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