Amazon isn’t the only tech giant making news this week in New York City. Google, which already has a headquarters in the Big Apple, is looking to double its current number of employees to be more than 20,000 through its parent company Alphabet.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the addition of some 12,000 employees at Alphabet’s New York City site would rival that of Amazon’s workforce in the area if it follows through on rumored plans to come to the area.

As it is, Google is planning to buy a large new property in the West Village, which should be completed by 2022. It will also expand on its existing headquarters located in Chelsea, according to the WSJ report.

Though a company spokesperson admitted to the WSJ that they were expanding on the Chelsea hub, they did not comment on the potential 1.3 million square-foot property at the West Village.

The pending arms race of Google and Amazon in New York comes a year after NYC startups and businesses were said to have raised $12 billion in venture capital funding, and the city is on pace this year to eclipse that mark.

There are concerns about how the tech giants will affect small businesses and boutique startups in the area, as well as area rent prices. For now, tech experts in the area say they are hopeful that there is a trickling-down effect of talent in the area that comes with the Google and Amazon waves and then continue on to create their own startups.

“It’s more than just a single company,”Julie Samuels, executive director at the nonprofit Tech:NYC, told “You’re starting to see real concentration of people who work at [Google and Amazon already]. And I hope that after a few years they will start their own companies.”

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