Amazon’s recent announcement that Long Island City will act as at least part of a second headquarters for the retail giant signals an incoming rise of tech influence in the Big Apple.

The New York Times reported this week that NYC and Arlington, Virginia will split the second headquarters of Amazon after months of speculation.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has long been trying to entice Jeff Bezos and Amazon to set up shop in the city.

“It’s a positive thing in the grand scheme of things,” CEO John O’Brien told Forbes on Wednesday. “There’s no doubt it’s going to attract more technology talent to the area. So while I see there could be shortages in the beginning, more people will be here, and there will be more focus on tech. Not that there isn’t already, but more is always better.”

Others interviewed by Forbes went on to say that the arrival of Amazon means the arrival of tech talent. But it could also signal even higher real estate prices for locals in New York, which seems unimaginable considering the city’s current going rate on living quarters.

If Amazon indeed settles in Long Island City, it will require the services of thousands of tech-savvy workers. The city already boasts nearly 2,000 Amazon workers in fields like advertising and publishing, according to the NYT report, but the incoming jobs would be more geared toward high-tech where workers would make an average of $100,000 per year, according to what Amazon officials have said in the past.

Amazon is expected to spend about $5 billion on its second headquarters to build it up to a similar size as the primary headquarters in Seattle.

Though it looks all but certain, now only time will tell if or when the news is confirmed of at least a partial second headquarters coming to New York.

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