Written by Luca Tofan

There’s no denying that social media video is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. In fact, research shows that 86% of online marketers now use video content. Open up Instagram and you will see more and more brands using video to entertain their audiences and build stronger relationships with them. We chat with social media expert Colin Peter O’Riordan about some of his top tips for using video on social.

  • Behind the scenes clips

Not many brands share behind the scenes content on social media. Colin believes this is a missed opportunity as research shows that 87% of people would prefer to watch online vs. traditional television if it meant more behind-the-scenes content. “This type of video can really help humanize your business. It’s an ideal way of showing your audience what goes into running your business and some key individuals that make it all work,” explains Colin. Most marketers know that people prefer to connect with other people, not companies. When they can put a face to your brand, a stronger connection and level of trust is formed.

  • User generated content

55% of consumers trust user generated content (UGC) over other forms of marketing. UGC is any content that is created and shared by fans or consumers of a brand. This content type is unbiased and as a result often viewed as trustworthy and authentic. According to Colin, “brands should seek out user generated video. However, if none exists, then they can help facilitate it by holding competitions on social media. This will encourage the consumer to create content and help get your brand name out there”. Pampers often encourage customers to submit baby footage on Facebook and then create heartfelt videos such as this one. The finished video creates a positive message that delivers a strong trustworthy impression to viewers. 

  • Live streaming events

Live video has gained popularity in the last couple of years and it’s no surprise considering people spend 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video than a pre-recorded video. “We already know that social users enjoy this type of video, so it’s time to capitalize on it. Events provide a fantastic opportunity for live streaming. Add Facebook 360 to the mix and you’re giving your audience a really impactful experience” advises Colin. Facebook 360 gives social users the chance to feel part of a moment, even though they’re physically not there. If someone in the audience asks a question, the viewer can easily see who is speaking and never miss a moment of the action. 

  • Q & A 

Q&A style videos can be very impactful and a great way of engaging with your customers. “You can carry this out live or else ask your followers to submit their burning questions in advance and then record your responses. It’s a great way of addressing queries in an efficient way and shows that your brand is transparent” Colin explains. Brands can use the video to showcase their unique personalities and even introduce various members of the company who make the business possible.

The bottom line

Brands should take the time to experiment and see what resonates most with their followers. One style of video won’t necessarily suit every business. Above all else, the brand should create a video that accurately represents their personality. Take an authentic approach and don’t pretend to be something you’re not as your customers will see through it. 

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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